Cyber Security Incident Management Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services which address incident and crisis management.  These include, but may not be limited to, the following items:

  • Development and assistance in cyber incident management process and procedures 
  • Performance of gap analysis of current incident management process/procedure(s) and staff capabilities 
  • Incident and crisis management process reviews and development (including utilization of the Incident Command System) 
  • Initial and advanced training in incident management tailored to the organizations environment 
  • Provisioning of incident management test exercise plans and playbooks (tabletop and hands-on) 
  • Performance, monitoring and documentation of incident management test exercises 
  • Participation in cyber incident response in a technical and/or a procedural capacity (including malware analysis, logs reviews, adherence to recommended incident response process/procedure, etc) 

C.S.I. Services has directed organizations (government, public and private) in multiple industries (including Energy, Banking Transportation, Government, Manufacturing and Telecommunications) through incident response exercises.  

We have been directly involved in response to cyber security incidents at exploited companies. Some of these incidents have been directly attributed to actions of nation-state governments.