Cyber Security Program Management

Without an effective cyber security strategy an organization will face pitfalls associated with compromised information confidentiality, integrity and availability. Hacked websites, theft and/or disclosure of sensitive information, malware, fraud and a long list of other threats become an uncomfortable reality.

Determination and implementation of effective technical and administrative security controls in information and operational (industrial control) systems environments can be a daunting task. A clear understanding of risk management process and associated cost effective solutions are essential to minimize possibility of security compromises. C.S.I. Services has the expertise needed to formulate an IT or Operational Technology security strategy tailored to an organization's financial, legal and industry requirements.

We will work with our clients to perform any or all of the following tasks:

  • Assessment and development of the organization's cyber security management programs regarding assets, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Assessment and development of the organization's cyber security strategies, policies, standards and procedures
  • Provide recommendations regarding selection and implementation of the appropriate security controls to satisfy the organization's risk management needs.