Digital Forensics & e-Discovery

Digital forensics, including “computer forensics” is the process of forensically acquiring and analyzing a wide variety of digital media sources.  This may include laptops, desktop, external hard drives, external media storage devices, email, internet history, network folders, and a wide variety of log sources. It includes the collection, preservation, analysis and if required, court presentation of digital-related evidence.

Digital evidence is very fragile and can easily be altered or lost if the collection process is not initiated at the onset of an investigation. Evidence can be a critical component of the root cause analysis of cyber incident response, internal investigations, criminal and civil proceedings (which include fraud, sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft or misappropriation of trade secrets and other internal confidential information). 

We are commonly engaged as part of corporate investigations, where the allegations are likely to lead to Code of Conduct, Arbitration, Statutory or Criminal allegations.  This may include a comprehensive review of email (e-Discovery) which may involve the acquisitions and analysis of large volumes of email.  Our investigators are experience in cases where the email (and attachments) exceed 1,000,000 records.  C.S.I. Services has performed digital forensics as part of incident response within IT and ICS/SCADA (OT) environments using distinctly different methodologies.

For more information about the forensic services offered, click the following links for a detailed explanation of services offered:

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