Physical Security Services

C.S.I. Services has extensive physical security knowledge and experience gained through engagements within government, commercial and industrial sectors. We offer consultative services that address all facets of physical security in an organization. 


Design and assessment of security solutions

We can be your valued partner in planning, designing and supporting an integrated security system that will protect your organization’s assets over a small or large geographic area. We incorporate industry accepted practices and technologies in designing solutions including CCTV, electronic access control, and intrusion detection.


Physical Security and Site Surveys

  • Review of existing CCTV, access control, intrusion detection communication systems, keys/locks, parking areas, traffic flows, fencing, doors, windows and lighting. 
  • Identification of criminal threats by analyze local crime statistics and perceived crime concerns by interviewing employees, leadership, and law enforcement. 
  • Using accepted methodologies such as, HTRA, and CPTED to provide site risk / security assessment to identify existing or potential security liability issues. We provide our clients with best practice recommendations.


Physical Security Program Management

  • Determine effectiveness of current security management program regarding assets, risks, and vulnerabilities and address issues in a cost effective manner for compliance with regulatory agencies where applicable. 
  • Development of physical security strategies, policies, and standards 
  • Evaluate current security management plan in response to incidents such as bomb threats, active shooter, and /or suspicious package in order to develop recommendations. 
  • Evaluate Security project RFP specifications/ contracts. 
  • Review training programs for both security and non-security personnel.


Project Management

  • Research, and recommend installation resources for installation of security-related equipment or procedures. 
  • Work with you or your designee to implement cost effective solutions to recommendations.